Board Governance Workshops

Enhance your district's leadership with our interactive Board Governance Workshops!

ELS Board Governance Workshops are designed as interactive workshops to build a cohesive governance team.  Roles and responsibilities of Board members and Superintendents are clarified to meet the culture of individual districts.  This workshop has three options for delivery culminating with the adoption of a Governance handbook.

Below are our available workshops, as well as topics surrounding various situations and philosophies we assist with!

Negotiation Training, Planning, and Support

Our team is ready to provide our experience to your district.  Designed to support, train and plan with the District team to facilitate a successful negotiation process.  ELS recognizes each jDistrict has a unique culture, this knowledge allows for flexibility for planning to meet any district's needs. Whether you or your team members are new to the negotiation process or experienced, ELS can add to assist your team in getting to yes.

Crisis Assistance / Management

ELS team members work with district leadership to navigate through crisis situations.  ELS team members are experienced in crisis communication to internal and external communities.  Team members will also support solutions in all aspects of managing crisis situations.

Leadership Training / Development

This service can be customized to meet individual district leadership needs.  The primary goal is to build internal capacity developing new candidates for school site leadership positions.  Training can also be focused for the development of current district leaders to be ready to ascend to next level leadership opportunities.

Superintendent / Cabinet Workshop

Designed for new teams or experienced teams to build leadership capacity within the district.  This workshop can be designed to focus on global duties and responsibilities or drill down to address strategic situations.  Communication protocols are a focus of the service.

Superintendent Evaluation

The ELS team will facilitate the Superintendent evaluation process.  The team works with each Board member to provide opportunity for quality input for the evaluation process.  The Superintendent is also an integral part of the process culminating with a joint meeting of Governance members facilitated by the ELS team member.

Operational Audits

Our team is experienced in all areas of District operations.  Working with District staff ELS will interview, study and make recommendations for best practices in all aspects of District operations.